Same Federal Reserve that kept interest rates artificially low for Obama has been rapidly raising rates under Trump to spark a huge market correction

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The stock market, which was recording historic highs, suddenly plunged around the time of President Trump’s well-received State of the Union message and the subsequent release of the Nunes FISA abuse memo, a document which exposed anti-Trump, pro-Clinton corruption in the upper echelons of the FBI. Apart from it being a deflection, the odd timing for the financial turbulence raised suspicions that the Deep State — the notorious cohort in the entrenched, anti-Trump globalist federal bureaucracy — is or was hell-bent on tanking the economy as a means for expelling the president from office.

Now comes news that the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates four times in 2018 purportedly because of the anticipation of higher inflation. There may be more clarity on the potential interest rate hikes when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, a Trump appointee who replaced Obama appointee Janet Yellen, testifies before a congressional committee on February 28. Yellen raised rates three times in 2017, but only twice from December 2015 through the end of 2016.

“Bond yields rose and stocks slumped after an unexpected rise in consumer inflation to its fastest pace in a year, making it more likely the Fed will raise interest rates three or more times this year,” CNBC explained this week, while adding that January retail sales fell 0.3 percent.

“I think this does cement the four rate hikes, given the inflation backdrop,” a financial analyst told MarketWatch yesterday in an apparent reference to consumer prices which experienced a 0.5 percent increase in January, the largest monthly increase since August 2012.

During Barack Obama’s tenure, the Fed kept interest rates at a minimum in an attempt to stimulate the economy, Natural News explained about a year ago. Against the backdrop of what turned out to be three 2017 rate increases, the same Natural News article surmised that Fed under Yellen sought to hasten the inevitable correction in the stock market in a manner that would reflect negatively on the Trump administration. Last September, Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff told The Street that “Maybe the Fed would be happy to see a bear market that could be blamed on Trump.”

For those ordinary, hard-working consumers with 401(k) accounts and other such investment vehicles, the good news is that as of this writing, U.S. stock market indexes showed an uptick for five consecutive days. Moreover, since tax reform cleared Congress and was signed into law by the president shortly before Christmas, corporate America has been handing out bonuses and raises and announcing plans to expand hiring and facilities within the U.S.

Earlier this month during the stock market turmoil, Health Ranger Mike Adams, the founding editor of Natural News, maintained that the Deep State is intent on unleashing an economic nuclear option given its end game to take out Trump regardless of whether this obsession destroys America in the process. (Related: Read more about the America-last tactics inside the federal government at

In a video that was released in late 2016, watch Mike Adams argue that the Deep State deliberately seeks an economic collapse as part of an unscrupulous blame-Trump, remove-Trump strategy.

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